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R & D innovation

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About 50 million yuan will be invested in 2020, and the remaining funds will be invested in stages according to the progress of the project. The company will develop into high-end intelligent medical technology, introduce high-end international and domestic talents, increase R&D investment, introduce advanced equipment, establish medical high-tech enterprises, and strive to be listed on the China Science and Technology Innovation Board in 5 years. Zhejiang Xiuyuan Medical Technology "Leshang Return" project landed in Yueqing, which can not only introduce funds for local construction, but also introduce high-end talents at home and abroad for the development of Yueqing, and introduce new sunrise industries such as big health and intelligence, which is in line with national development of public health Strategic direction, development prospects are very broad! After the success of the project, the industrial structure of Baixiang Town can be optimized and upgraded, and it will make greater contributions to the development of the local economy. It is estimated that the turnover will reach 1 billion yuan within 3 to 5 years, and the tax and fee will be more than 50 million yuan.